Our medical grade chemical peel procedure is one that is safe for a variety of skin types. The solution is applied to the skin to revitalize your skin by exfoliating, repairing and stimulating collagen production resulting in smoother and brighter skin texture. It can also be done to target specific areas of concern; you may need to undergo the procedure more than once to get the desired results.

Chemical peels are used to treat aging skin, discolored skin and acne scars — usually on the face and neck. They can be done alone or combined with other cosmetic procedures. They can also be done with different boosters based on your needs.


  • Reduces age spots and improves skin tone and clarity.
  • Promotes collagen stimulation.
  • Enhances skin integrity.
  • Treats several skin concerns including melasma, acne appearance and scarring, pore reduction, mild rosacea and hyperpigmentation.
  • Our peels have a rich blend of acids developed to improve cellular health, provide antioxidant properties, promote elastin production and decrease inflammatory response thus improving your overall skin appearance.